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Product Description:

TF350 is an industrial-grade longe-range single-point LiDAR.
It’s designed for intelligent transportation, industrial drones,
automobiles, industry and other applications. As a member of
TF03 series, TF350’s measuring frequency can also reach
10KHz. And, multiple communication interfaces are supported
in its IP67 high-intensity casing. With integrated compensating
algorithm for outdoor glare and other interference, TF350 can
work under rain, fog and snow conditions1

Multiple built-in operating modes let customers to change its parameters and configuration to meet different applications.

Main product features:

âš« High frame rate
âš« IP67 protection
âš« Long range
âš« Various interface

Ranging 0.2~350m; FOV 0.7°
1~1000Hz; RS485/RS232; IP67;
100K Lux; 5V~24V; 225g

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