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TF Mini Plus(ToF) Laser Range Sensor (12m)

TF Mini Plus(ToF) Laser Range Sensor (12m)

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Description :

-TFmini Plus is a small, single-point ranging sensor that uses the Time of Flight (TOF) principle to measure the distance between itself and an object.
-It has a unique optical and electrical algorithm that allows for accurate and quick distance measurement while maintaining a stable and high-sensitive performance.
-Compared to the original TFmini, TFmini Plus has a greatly improved performance, including an increased frame rate from 100Hz to 1000Hz, a reduced blind zone to 10cm, and improved accuracy and stability.
-It also has an IP65 enclosure that effectively prevents water and dust, making it more adaptable to outdoor light or different environments and temperatures.
It has low power consumption and a flexible detecting frequency, and is compatible with UART and I2C communication, as well as standard 5V power supply.
-The sensor works well with all sorts of Arduino controllers and can be easily integrated into the system using the Arduino library developed by DFRobot.
-It has a tiny size of 352118.5mm, making it suitable for various applications such as obstacle detection, robot navigation, and altitude holding systems for UAVs.
-The product should be maintained by a professional technician, and should only be used with factory spare parts for performance and safety.
-Operating and storage temperatures are between -20℃ and 60℃, and -20℃ and 75℃ respectively.
It is important to follow the instructions provided and not open the product shell or make any adjustments without proper guidance.
-Detecting objects with high reflectivity, such as mirrors or smooth floor tiles, may cause system malfunction.
-The product will malfunction if there is a transparent object between it and the detecting object, such as glass or water.
-The product will malfunction if its emitting or receiving IR-pass filter is covered by dust, so it is important to keep the IR-pass filters clean.
-It is important to send the command of save settings when modifying parameters, otherwise the settings will not take effect.




1.Product Characteristics:
•Detecting Range: 0.1m~12m
•Accuracy: ±5cm@ (0.1-6m), ±1%@(6m-12m)
•Resolution: 5mm
•Frame Rate : 1-1000Hz(adjustable)
•Anti-ambient Light: 70k lux
•Operating Temperature: -20℃~60℃
•Protection Degree: IP65
2.Optical Characteristics:
•Light Source: LED
•Operating Center Wavelength: 850nm
•Signal Acceptance Angle: 3.6°
3.Electrical Characteristics:
•Input Voltage: 5V±0.5V
•Average Current: ≤110mA
•Power Consumption: 550mW (Low Power Mode: 85mW)
•Peak Current: 500mA
•Communication Level: LVTTL (3.3V)
•Communication Interface: UART, I2C, I/O
•Enclosure Material: ABS+PC
•Storage Temperature: -20℃~75℃
•Weight: 12g
•Wire Length: 30cm

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