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SparkFun RFID Reader Breakout

SparkFun RFID Reader Breakout

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Description :


  • SparkFun RFID Reader Breakout is a simple board for RFID readers (ID-3LA, ID-12LA, ID-20LA)
  • Converts the 2mm pins of the RFID readers to breadboard-friendly 0.1″ headers for easy connection
  • Can be soldered directly to the breakout board or used with the 2mm sockets
  • RFID reader pins are broken out, including: VCC, READ, D0, D1, FORM, TIR, CP, ANT, RES, and GND
  • Includes four half-mounting holes for easy secure project setup
  • Compatible with ID-12LA and ID-20LA but smaller than the edges of ID-20LA.

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